I've started a You Tube Channel as a companion to this website where I have uploaded several how to videos:  Color Work Knitting  Here are just a few videos for inspiration from my channel.  

Updated:  February, 2016
I started a Fair Isle Knit Along KAL based on the miniature sweater/tea cozy from Nicky Epstein's book, Knitting on Top of the World several years ago.  Unfortunately, half way through the project, I began to suffer from a chronic pain condition that has made it difficult for me to continue.  I was amazed to discover how many people had actually watched the videos, I hadn't realized anyone had seen them at all until a few months ago.  One day soon I hope to finish that video series and continue to upload more helpful videos. 

 DPN Video tutorial

How to manage two Colors on DPN's where the two needles join when knitting in the round: